Hormone Balancing: Food as Medicine

Posted: July 25, 2016 By: Comment: 2

Women’s health is an extensive and important topic! Any woman can tell you that at some point in her life she has dealt with an aspect of her health that only occurs in the female realm. Under that umbrella of women’s health, lies an even more prevalent topic: Female Hormones! How to balance those hormones and keep them in check is the tricky part at any age!

There is a fine line between hormonal balance and imbalance, and women of all ages walk this uncertain line without appropriate support.  Proper and targeted nutrition protocols can help resolve many hormonal issues, including but not limited to PMS, weight gain, bone health, fertility, and defense against breast cancer.  It may seem easier to just take a couple of pills and call it a day, but natural medicine in the form of food and supplements offers some great alternative options for this aspect of a woman’s life.  Below is a list of some foods and supplements that help with this all-too-familiar balancing act:

Foods for Hormone Balancing:

  • Pomegranate –  fruit that mimics the hormonal action of estrogen.
  • Broccoli – veggie that protects DNA from damage and eliminates “bad” estrogen.
  • Cumin – spice that inhibits loss of bone density and enhances hormonal balance.


Supplements for Hormone Balancing:

  • Ashwagandha – herbal alternative for improving thyroid and adrenal function.
  • Fish Oil – omega-3s that help decrease inflammation in the body and allow for better hormone function.
  • Vitamin D – considered a “pre-hormone,” it ensures proper hormone production and function.


Just as it is important to know what you put into your body, it is also as important to understand what you must take out, in order to achieve a healthy state of being.  That means detoxifying in order to allow the hormones to function properly within the pathways of the female hormonal cycle.  A combination of specialized diet, supplementation, and exercise can help cleanse the body of the hormone-disrupting toxins and chemicals and allow the female body to heal from the inside out.  




  1. Nicole Jones

    What are some supplements and foods that will help with endometriosis?

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Sorry for the delayed reply, I was revamping the website so was not able to answer. As far as foods go, it is best to follow an anti-inflammatory diet to help with the management of endometriosis. Some supplements that are helpful when it comes to dealing with endometriosis include: Omega-3 fatty acids, Dong quai (Angelica sinensis), Licorice root, and Chaste tree (Vitex), to name a few. There are various women’s wellness formulas that have a combination of these ingredients plus more, to help with hormonal balance, inflammation, and overall female health. I can provide you with a few suggestions! Just send me an email to info@livewellwithgem.com.

      Thanks for your question!
      Dr. Galina