Nutrition & Health Counseling

“Let your food be thy medicine and thy medicine your food.”
– Hippocrates, Greek father of natural medicine.

Nutrition & Health Counseling

Whether you need help maintaining your already healthy lifestyle or are looking to make changes in your life, Dr. Galina can help. She can help you identify, set and achieve goals that will enable you to live healthfully and mindfully by eating a proper diet, creating an effective exercise plan, and avoiding environmental risk factors.

We are constantly bombarded by the latest breakthroughs in health and wellness but how can you know what is good for you and what is just the latest fad?  In recent years, our culture has become more focused on green living, organic food, new exercise innovations, and not to mention the constant reinvention of “miracle” diets, shakes and supplements. If you are interested in improving your life by properly making the necessary changes and if you believe that getting healthy is not just the latest temporary trend but a way of life, then Dr. Galina can break it all down for you.  She can teach you how to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes that will put you on the path to healthful living.


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